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Down : adverb & preposition : in a lower position or to a lower position

  • The inflation rate is gradually coming down.

  • Shares are swiftly down on the day.

  • The price of petrol has gone down.

  • To pay money down = to make a deposit

  • He paid £5O down and the rest in monthly installments.

  • Down : verb : to down tools = to stop working

    Downgrade : verb : to reduce the importance of someone or of job
  • His job was downgraded in the company reorganization.

  • Down Market : adjective & adverb : cheaper or appealing to a less wealthy section of the population
  • The company his adopted a down-market image.

  • The company his decided to go down market = the company has decided to make products which appeal to a wider section of the public.

  • Down Payment : noun : part of a total payment made in advance
  • He made down payment of $100.

  • Downside : noun : downside factor = possibility of making a loss (in an investment)
  • The sales forces have been asked to give downside forecasts = they have been asked for pessimistic forecasts.

  • Down Time : noun : time when a machine is not working because it is broken or being mended

    Down Time : noun : Time when a worker cannot work because machines have broken down or because components are not available

    Downtown : noun & adverb : in the central business district of a town
  • His office is in downtown New York.

  • A downtown store

  • They established a business downtown.

  • Downturn : noun : movement towards lower prices or sales or profits
  • A downturn in the market price….

  • The last quarter saw a downturn in the economy.

  • Downward : adjective : towards a lower position

    Downwards : adverb : towards a lower position
  • The company's profits have moved downwards over the last few years.

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