Dowry System-A Curse

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Dowry System-A Curse :

Dowry deaths have become common occurrences in our country. It happens in all families, rich or poor, educated or uneducated. This reflects the unhealthy condition of our society. The system of giving in kind or in cash in ancient times to the groom out of love by the rich has become a compulsory one. The Dowry system has grown to gigantic level which consumes the life innocent women.

Our government has enforced anti-dowry act. This step would check this evil to some extent. But unless and until the people realise its ill-effect sincerely, this will prevail. The root cause of it is desire for money and the attitude of TIT FOR TAT tendency. We would have heard of people saying. “I gave dowry for my daughter and got it back through my son”.

Every young man and woman should not encourage their parents for it. They should wage a peaceful war to root it out and educate them. The answer to this evil is in the hands of younger generation. The first step against this social curse is removing the sex-bias. People should realize that women are the important members of the society.

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