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Draft : noun : order for money to be paid by a bank

  • Banker’s draft

  • To make a draft on a bank = to ask a bank to pay money for you

  • Sight Draft = bill of exchange which is payable when it is presented

    Draft : noun : first rough plan for document which has not been finished
  • Draft of Contract

  • Draft Contract

  • He drew up the draft agreement on the back of envelope.

  • The first draft of the contract was corrected by the managing director.

  • The finance department has passed the final draft of the accounts.

  • Rough Draft = plan of a document which may have changes made to it before it is complete

    Draft : verb : to make a first rough plan of a document
  • To draft a letter

  • To draft a contract

  • The contract is still being drafted.

  • The contract is still in the drafting stage.

  • Drafter : noun : person who makes a draft
  • The drafter of the agreement

  • Drafting : noun : act of preparing the draft of a document
  • The drafting of the contract took six weeks.

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