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The most important thing about your dress is that they should be appropriate to the occasion. What you have to wear depends on the time, place and character of the function apart from your own preference. The next most important thing is that your grooming be neat. Untidy or rumpled clothes are as grave a fault as show in dress.

Generally speaking, for men, you cannot go wrong with a light coloured shirt and dark coloured pants. Do colours coordinate them? Wear the same coloured belt and shoes with colour of the pant.

For e.g. A white or pale blue shirt goes well with a black, dark grey or dark blue pant. Your belt should be black and so should your shoes.

Your socks should match your shoes. (They match your pants only in informal or casual wear) your socks must be changed at least once every day.

Please do not remove your shoes when you are on the dais. Your socked feet could probably be seen by the audience. Worse, the feet smell could put off other people on the dais.

An underarm deodorant is an absolute must especially in summer.

Do not wear garishly coloured shirts.

Check with your host in advance whether a tie and /or Coat will help or hinder.

Dress Follow his advice. If you are wearing a Coat, the front coat buttons must be undone when you are seated and you must fasten your coat buttons when you get up. In a three button coat, it is enough to fasten the middle button in this kind of an exercise.

Do check in a mirror. If your belly protrudes below the button, do fasten all buttons!

Remember to shave and shower before you go the meeting.

Avoid garlic and /or raw onions in the meal before the meeting.

Use a toilet just before your go on to the dais.

Use the opportunity to check on your hair, whether your shirt is tucked in properly.

Use a damp cloth to wipe your face of the shininess of grime or sweat.

For women :

A cotton saree or salwar kameez suits are ideal.

Underarm pads in a choli will prevent the sweat stains from showing.

A light perfume or deodorant will lend grace.

Light makeup and a neutral shade of lipstick enhance the appeal.

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