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Drop : noun : fall

  • Drop in sales

  • Sales show a drop of 10%.

  • A drop in prices

  • Drop Shipment = delivery of a large order from the manufacturer direct to a customer's shop or warehouse without going through an agent or wholesaler

    Drop : verb : to fall
  • Sales have dropped by 10%.

  • Sales have dropped 10%.

  • The pound dropped three points against the dollar.

  • NOTE : dropping - dropped - dropped

    QUOTE : While unemployment dropped by 1.6 per cent in the rural areas, it rose by 1.9 per cent in urban areas during the period under review.
    (Business Times - Lagos)

    QUOTE : Corporate profits for the first quarter showed a 4 per cent drop from last year’s final three months.
    (Financial Times)

    QUOTE : Since last summer American interest rates have dropped by between three and four percentage points.
    (Sunday Times)

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