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ESL Vocabulary Exercises for 15th September :

  1. Renegade (n): a deserter, an apostate

  2. Renew (v); to make new again

  3. Renewal (n): renovation, restoration, repetition

  4. Renounce (v): forsake, give up

  5. Renovate (v): bring to good condition

  6. Renovate (n): renovation

  7. Renown (n): reputation, fame

  8. Renowned (n): reputed, famous

  9. Rent (n): payment made for use or occupation, a break

  10. Rent (v): lease

  11. Rental (n): the revenue got from rented property

  12. Renunciation (n): renouncing, self-denial

  13. Repair (n): supply of loss or damage

  14. Repair (v): mend, go (to a place)

  15. Reparable (adj.); that can be made good

  16. Reparation (n): act of compensation for loss

  17. Repartee (n): a smart and clever reply

  18. Repast (n); a meal, food in general

  19. Repatriate (v): restore of return to his own country

  20. Repatriate (n): one who has been repatriated

  21. Repay (v); payback, return, refund

  22. Repay (n): repayment

  23. Repeal (v); revoke, put an end to

  24. Repeal (n): revocation, abolition

  25. Repeat (v); say or do again, recite, recur

  26. Repeatedly (adv); again and again

  27. Repel (v); to repulse, resist, oppose cause a dislike

  28. Repent (v): regret, be sorry for

  29. Repentance (n): regret, sorrow for a past action

  30. Repentant (adj.): showing sorrow

  31. Repercussion (n): springing back; echo, reaction

  32. Repetition (n): act of repeating, saying or doing again, reciting

  33. Replace (v); to put back in place, take the place of

  34. Replenish (v): fill again, stock

  35. Replete (adj.): quite full

  36. Replica (n): an exact copy

  37. Reply (v): answer, respond

  38. Reply (n): answer

  39. Report (v): give an account of, tell, describe, complain

  40. Repose (v): place trust in, take rest in, lodge

  41. Repose (n): rest, sleep

  42. Repository (n): a place for putting things in, store house

  43. Reprehensible (adj.): observing blame

  44. Represent (v): be a symbol or example of, describe, make clear

  45. Representative (n): something standing for another, a substitute, a delegate

  46. Repress (v): suppress, to put down

  47. Repression (n): suppression, restraint

ESL Vocabulary Exercises for 15th September :

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