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ESL Vocabulary Games for 16th September :

  1. Reprimand (n): chide, scold

  2. Reprimand (n): a reproof

  3. Reprint (n): to print again

  4. Reproach (v): censure, find fault, with

  5. Reprobate (n); disapprove strongly of

  6. Reproduce (v): produce again, produce copy of

  7. Reproof (n): a scolding, blaming

  8. Reprove (v): condemn, chide, censure

  9. Reptile (n): creature creeping on the belly

  10. Repudiate (v): disown, refuse

  11. Repugnance (n): strong dislike, contrariety

  12. Repugnant (adj.): contrary, distasteful

  13. Repulse (v): to drive back, reject

  14. Repulsive (adj.); disgusting, offensive, repelling

  15. Reputable (adj.): respectable, having a good name

  16. Reputation (n): fame, distinction, regard

  17. Repute (v): estimate, reckon, thing

  18. Request (n): solicitation, petition, prayer, entreat

  19. Requiem (n): a hymn or mass song for the dead

  20. Require (v): need, demand

  21. Requirement (n): need

  22. Requisition (n): act of requiring

  23. Requisite (adj.): required, necessary, indispensable

  24. Requisite (n): anything necessary

  25. Requital (n); recompense, repayment, reward

  26. Rescind (v): cancel

  27. Rescue (v): make safe, set free

  28. Rescue (n): deliverance, liberation

  29. Research (n): critical or scientific enquiry, investigation into facts or truth

  30. Resemblance (n): likeness, relative identity

  31. Resemble (v): be like, be similar to

  32. Resent (v): show anger or annoyance

  33. Resentment (n): ill-will and anger

  34. Reserved (adj.): shy, cold in manner, set apart

  35. Reservoir (n): a receptacle, store of anything

  36. Reside (v): dwell, inhabit, remain

  37. Residence (n): a dwelling

  38. Resident (n): one who dwells, a government representative residing at a foreign country

  39. Residual (adj.): remaining

  40. Residue (n): what is left?

  41. Resign (v): to give up ones office or post, to accept calmly

  42. Resignation (n): act of resigning, acquiescence, patience

  43. Resilience (n): elasticity

  44. Resiliency (n): elasticity

  45. Resin (n): an amorphous inflammable substance, a gum

ESL Vocabulary Games for 16th September :

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