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Concessive Clauses : EVEN THOUGH

If the conjunction word is any of these THOUGH, ALTHOUGH, EVEN THOUGH and EVEN IF, that clause is called Concessive Clause.

See how these have been used (in spite of, although, even though and despite) in the following sentences.

  1. Lazar is proud of his driving in spite of his being not a good driver.

  2. Benjamin has had several accidents and has been fined for speeding, although that he still drives too fast.

  3. Last night although there was a lot of fog on the road, he did not slow down at all.

  4. Of course, lots of people drive fast in spite of his bad weather conditions and warnings from the police.

  5. Although the weather was bad, we arrived on time.

  6. He has a full – time job in spite of having no work permit.

  7. He drove fast in spite of the fog.

  8. He drove fast although it was foggy.

  9. Although I told the absolute truth, no one would believed me.

  10. Lazar forgot his passport in spite of his having it on his list.

  11. Although it was sunny, it was quite a cold day.

  12. The goods were never delivered in spite of the promise we had received.

  13. Benjamin asked Johnshy to marry him in spite of the fact that he’s a lot older than her.

  14. Kannan didn’t notice the sign. It was right in front of him.(even though) Even though Kannan didn’t notice the sign, it was right in front of him.

  15. Lazar doesn’t know any French. It was one of his school subjects.(although) Although Lazar doesn’t know any French, it was one of his school subjects.

  16. Ram’s friend is a millionaire, he hates spending money.(despite)

    Ram’s friend is a millionaire despite he hates spending money.

  17. We couldn’t get tickets. We queued for an hour.(in spite of)

    We couldn’t get tickets in spite of our queuing for an hour.

  18. The weather was bad. The cyclists completed the course.(despite)

    The cyclists completed the course despite the being bad of the weather.

  19. Benjamin used to smoke. He seems to be in good health, (although)

    Although Benjamin used to smoke he seems to be in good health.

  20. I couldn’t sleep. I was tired.(despite)

    I couldn’t sleep despite being tired.

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