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Balan and Hari

Balan : Are you coming from the library?

Hari : Yes. I was there from 2 p.m.

Balan : What book are you having?

Hari : It is a book on quiz.

Balan : Are you a member of the library?

Hari : Yes. I am a member from January 2005.

Hari : Do you want to become a member?

Balan : Yes. What is the membership fee?

Hari : You must deposit Rs. 100/- only.

Balan : What is the monthly subscription?

Hari : There is no monthly subscription.

Balan : How many books can we borrow at a time?

Hari : We may borrow three books at a timed.

Balan : Well. I will soon become a member of the library.

Words to Know

  1. Library
  2. Quiz
  3. Member
  4. Fee
  5. Deposit
  6. Subscription
  7. Borrow
  8. Soon

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