Easy English Conversations
in a Cricket Match

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This is a typical Easy English Conversations in a Cricket Match.


Drill Master and The Captain

Drill Master : Boys… Practice well today.

Captain : Yes Sir.

Drill Master : Who is our opponent?

Captain : The V.C. High School team is our opponent.

Drill Master : Have you taken all the bats and balls?

Captain : Yes sir. We have four bats and three balls.

Drill Master : Do you know the ground where the match is played?

Captain : It is to be played in Railway ground.

Drill Master : Go by bus and have net practice.

Captain : Will you be present during our net practice?

Drill Master : Yes. I will come.

Words to Know

  1. Practice
  2. Opponents
  3. Ground
  4. Know
  5. Present
  6. Good

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