Easy English Conversations
at A Cinema Theatre

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This is a typical Easy English Conversations at A Cinema Theatre.


Akbar and Ragul

Akbar : When did you start from your house?

Ragul : I started at about 4.30 p.m.

Akbar : Was there a crowd in the ticket counter when you came?

Ragul : When I came the counter was free.

Akbar : Today there is less crowd.

Ragul : Who is he on the screen?

Akbar : He is Vadivelu the comedian.

Ragul : Recently he is the popular comedian.

Akbar : The film Maruthamalai is very famous.

Ragul : Yes. It is true.

Words to Know

  1. Start
  2. Crowd
  3. Free
  4. Counter
  5. Less
  6. Screen
  7. Comedian
  8. Popular
  9. Famous
  10. True

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