Easy English Conversations
while Celebrating The Birthday
of a Friend

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This is a typical Easy English Conversations while Celebrating The Birthday of a Friend.


Sam, Yash, Raj and Steward

Sam : Hey! Yash! Have you been waiting for long?

Yash : Hi! Sam! I just arrived a few minutes ago. Yash is supposed to join us. Isn’t he?

Sam : Yes. He is. Oh! There he is! Hey! Yash we are here.

Raj : Hey Guys! Nice to see you both. Hope I am not late!

Sam : Oh! You are just in time. Sit down and relax. Shall we order some drinks?

Yash : That'd be fine. (to the waiter) Excuse me. Can I have your menu for the beverages? (He brings it and they order some drinks for three).

Yash : Fine. Now tell me what's the occasion for this sudden invitation to dinner?

Sam : Friends it’s in honour of my birthday.

Yash and Raj :Happy birthday to you dear Sam. Happy birthday to you! What a pleasant surprise!

Sam : Come on guys! It's just a pretext to meet you! You know well that we are grown up enough not to celebrate birthdays!

Yash : Well! Whatever! It's 'a good thought. Once again, many happy returns of the day!

Raj : That's right. Especially when we are so far away from home and families.

Sam : Yes. I got a bit nostalgic remembering how my dad and mom, sister and brother used to make a lot of fuss on my birthday! They used to invite friends over for lunch, dinner, etc. This morning they called to wish me. My mother's special instruction was not to have dinner alone and to call friends over.

Yash : I understand. I too felt the same on my birthday last month. Most probably all three of us are on our own for our birthdays for the first time.

Raj : Well! Mine is fast approaching. It is next month. Now I know what to do on my birthday.

Sam : Great! So we have another invitation corning next month!

Yash : What to do? We have grown into men and moved out of home in search of professional prospects and we have to make the best of the situation.

Yash : That's right.

Sam : Well! I think we should place our orders now.

Steward : Could I have the order sir?

Sam : Oh! Sure! Raj, Yash!! You both select what you want. For me, it's Chinese. One chicken fried rice and mixed prawns and capsicum. (Steward notes them down)

Yash : I am taking Mughalai. Please make it paneer, aloo masala, tandoori chicken and butter nan. (Steward notes them down).

Raj : I want South Indian special masala dosa, rava kichadi and vada. (Steward notes them down)

Steward : How about some soup sir?

All of Them : No. Not for us.

Steward : How about the dessert, sir? You can also order later.

Raj : That'd do for now. Let's order dessert after we eat all this. Tell me how long will you take to serve?

Steward : In a few minutes sir. We won't keep you waiting.

Sam : Very good!

(They eat and order some dessert)

Yash : That was a splendid dinner Sam. Doubly so, because, we shared it on your birthday.

Raj : Yes Sam. Especially when we are so far away from home.

Sam : I am so happy you both shared the dinner with me today. Thanks a ton folks!

Yash : Actually we should be thanking you. By the way, Raj, you know now how to spend your birthday. Don’t you? (in undertones) That's if you don't have better company than us. (winks)

Raj : Oh! Sure! But we will choose another restaurant. Not that anything is wrong with this place.

Yash : That's right. This is good. Still we will choose another so that we will get to eat at other places too.

Sam : That's a good idea! So let's keep in touch.

Yash and Raj : Certainly. Bye for now.

Sam : Good night. Take care. See you.

Yash and Raj : Bye. Bye.

Sam : Bye. Bye.

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