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This is a typical Easy English Conversations at The Library.


The Library Assistant (L.A.) and An English Language Teacher (Ashok)

L.A. : Good morning, sir, May I help you?

Ashok : Good morning. I am looking for some books on English language teaching and I would like to enroll as a member too.

L.A. : Oh! Sure. We have plenty of material on English language teaching. Please have a look at the available range and if you are satisfied, you can surely enrol as a member.

Ashok : Oh! That's splendid! Where can I find them?

L.A. : Please go to the middle section and there is a full section to your right.

(Ashok visits the section and comes back to the front desk.)

Ashok : Oh! There is quite a stock. Now, may I know the rules for enrolment?

L.A. : Well. You need to fill in this application form and you have to be introduced by a member of this library. Or else, you have to get the application counter-signed by the head of your department or institution.

Ashok : Well! You see, I don't work for any particular institution alone. I am a freelance trainer for Spoken English and Communication and work for various training institutions. In other words, I am self-employed and I am the boss. But I know some of your members and I can get the necessary introduction.

L.A. : Oh! That'll be Fine.

Ashok : By the way, what is the membership fee?

L.A. : It is five hundred rupees annually.

Ashok : How many books can I take at one time?

L.A. : You can take three books and two journals at one time.

Ashok : How long can I keep them?

L.A. : Two weeks are the limit and after that there is a late fee of two rupees per book per day.

Ashok : That's okay. Do you have a card-catalogue?

L.A. : No. It's computerised. You can check the titles and authors in the computer.

Ashok : Oh! That's fine. Tell me, do you have any other facility?

L.A. : Yes. We have a microfilm section and you can also watch videos.

Ashok : Very good! Are you open on Sundays?

L.A. : No. We are open from Monday to Saturday from 9.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Ashok : That suits me fine. I will come tomorrow with the filled in application. Thank you very much. You have been a great help.

L.A. : You are most welcome. Good day!

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