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Ranjith and Teacher

Ranjith : Good morning Sir. My friend Visu has given a leave letter.

Teacher : Why is he on leave?

Ranjith : He is celebrating his 8th Birthday in his house.

Teacher : Why did you not attend the function?

Ranjith : I will meet him this evening.

Teacher : Have you purchased any gift for him?

Ranjith : Yes Sir. I have purchased a story book for him.

Teacher : What is the cost of the book?

Ranjith : The cost of the book is Rs. 24/-.

Teacher : Will your parents go with you?

Ranjith : Yes Sir.

Words to Know

  1. Friend
  2. Leave Letter
  3. Celebrating
  4. Birthday
  5. Function
  6. Purchased
  7. Gift
  8. Cost

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