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Employment Vocabulary for 17th September :

  1. Resist (v): withstand, oppose

  2. Resistance (n): opposition, an opposing force, power to with stand

  3. Resolute (adj.): having a fixed purpose, steady

  4. Resolution (n): analysis, solution, determination, firmness

  5. Resolve (v): determine, decide, analyse

  6. Resonant (adj.): echoing

  7. Resort (v): go

  8. Resort (n): place, frequented

  9. Resound (v): echo, be much talked of

  10. Resource (n): available means, skill in meeting any situation

  11. Resource (pl.): wealth

  12. Resourceful (adj.): good or quick in finding

  13. Respect (n): regard, honour, politeness

  14. Respectable (adj.): deserving respect, worthy of regard

  15. Respectful (adj.): showing respect

  16. Respecting (prep): regarding, concerning

  17. Respective (adj.): particular, relating to each order

  18. Respectively (adv): relatively, individually

  19. Respiration (n): act of breathing

  20. Respite (n): an interval of rest, delay

  21. Resplendent (adj.): very bright, splendid

  22. Respond (v): answer

  23. Respondent (n): one who responds, a defendant

  24. Response (n): answer, reply, rejoinder

  25. Responsibility (n): liability, duty

  26. Responsible (adj.): having responsibility, trustworthy, important

  27. Responsive (adj.): answering easily, sympathetic

  28. Rest (n): repose, cessation from labour, sleep, reminder, that which supports

  29. Restaurant (n): a place where refreshments or meals are provided

  30. Restive (adj.): refusing to move forward, impatient

  31. Restless (adj.): uneasy, active

  32. Restorative (n): restoring, strength, health or vigour

  33. Restorative (n): something that has the power to restore health and strength

  34. Restore (v): to bring into effect, reinstate, to give back

  35. Restrain (v): hold back, keep under control

  36. Restraint (n): self control, check

  37. Restrict (v): to keep within limits, confine

  38. Restriction (n): that which limits

  39. Result (n): out come, effect, consequence

  40. Result (v): follow (as a consequence) end

  41. Resume (v): to begin again, to occupy again

  42. Resurrection (n): the act of rising again

Employment Vocabulary for 17th September :

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