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English Vocabulary for 17th November :

  1. Teetotaller (n): one pledged to entire abstinence from intoxicating drinks

  2. Telegram (n) : a message sent by telegraph or by wire

  3. Telescope (n) : an optical instrument enabling us to have a clearer and nearer view of distant objects

  4. Tell (v) : say, narrate, inform, number, order, all told

  5. Teller (n): one who counts (votes etc.)

  6. Telling (adj.) : striking, effective

  7. Telltale (n) : given to reveal secrets, blabbing

  8. Telltale (n) : a tale bearer

  9. Temerity (n) : boldness, rashness

  10. Temper (n) : disposition, mood

  11. Temper (v) : soften, harden

  12. Temperament (n): disposition

  13. Temperance (n) : moderation, quality of being moderate in using liquor, total abstinence

  14. Temperate (adj.) : moderate

  15. Temperature (n): degree of hotness

  16. Tempest (n) : a violent storm, a hurricane

  17. Temple (n) : a place of worship, the flat portion on either side of the head above cheek bone

  18. Tempo (n) : quickness of movement

  19. Temporal (adj.) : pertaining to this life only, earthly, worldly, secular

  20. Temporary (adj.) : meant of lasting for a short time only

  21. Tempt (v) : entice, incite, induce, inspire with longing

  22. Temptation (n) : enticement to evil, allurement, bait, bribe

  23. Ten (adj.) : twice five

  24. Ten (n) : twice five

  25. Tenable (adj.) : capable of being held or maintained or defended

  26. Tenacious (adj.) : holding fast, tough, adhesive

  27. Tenancy (n) : occupancy, holding possession as a tenant, period of occupying as tenant

  28. Tenant (n) : one who holds possession of a land or house for rent, an occupant

  29. Tend (v): attend to, take care of, nurse, contribute, be in clinched towards

  30. Tendency (n) : natural disposition to move or act in some direction, inclination

  31. Tender (adj.) : soft, delicate, young , loving, an offer to do something

  32. Tender (v) : offer

  33. Tendon (n) : fibrous cord fastening muscle to bone

  34. Tendril (n) : the thread-like spiral shoot or a climber fastening it to the support

  35. Tenement (n) : a place to live in, dwelling, habitation

  36. Tenet (n) : opinion, principle, doctrine

  37. Tennis court (n) : a place for playing

  38. Tenor (n): general purport, substance, prevailing, course

English Vocabulary for 17th November :

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