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English Vocabulary for 5th July :

  1. Melodrama (n) : an exciting drama

  2. Melody (n) : sweet music, tunefulness

  3. Melon (n) : a large edible juicy fruit

  4. Melt (v) : change by heat into liquid, turn into liquid, dissolve

  5. Member (n) : person belonging to a group, limb

  6. Membrane (n): a thin skin which covers the part of the body

  7. Memento (n): something to awaken memory

  8. Memoir (n) : a short biography

  9. Memorable (adj.): fit to be remembered, noteworthy

  10. Memorable (adv.) : memorably

  11. Memorandum (n): a record for future use, minute

  12. Memorial (n) : monument

  13. Memorize (v): commit to memory, learn by heart

  14. Memory (n) : power of keeping facts in mind, remembrance

  15. Menace (n): a threat, danger

  16. Menace (v) : threaten, frighten

  17. Menagerie (n): a collection of wild animals for show

  18. Mend (v): to set right something broken or torn

  19. Mend (n) : a part which has been repaired

  20. Mendacious (adj.): given to utter lies, false, lying

  21. Mendacity (n): untruthfulness. False statement

  22. Mendicant (adj.) : begging

  23. Mendicant (n) : a beggar

  24. Menial (adj.): servile, humble

  25. Menial (n) : a household servant

  26. Menses (n.pl): the monthly discharge of a woman

  27. Mensuration (n): the science of measuring

  28. Mental (adj.) : relating to the mind

  29. Mentality (n) : degree of intellectual power

  30. Menthol (n): solid white substance like camphor used for colds etc.

  31. Mention (n) : hint

  32. Mention (v): speak about

  33. Mentor (n): an adviser and helper

  34. Menu (n) : list of dishes in a meal, a bill of fare

  35. Mercantile (adj.): relating to trade or merchants

  36. Mercenary (adj.) : greedy, hired

  37. Mercenary (n) : one who or that which is hired

  38. Merchandise (n): trade goods

  39. Merchant (n) : a trader

  40. Merciful (adj.) : feeling, mercy

  41. Merciless (adj.) : pitiless

  42. Merciless (adv.) : mercilessly

  43. Mercury (n): silvery white liquid metal, quick silver, the planet nearest to the sun

  44. Mercy (n): pity, kindness

  45. Mere (adj.) : not more than, simple

  46. Merely (adv) : simply, solely

  47. Meretricious (adj.): attractive but false

  48. Merge (v): become one, plunge

  49. Merge (n) : merger

English Vocabulary for 5th July :

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