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English Vocabulary for 6th July :

  1. Merger (n) : union, uniting

  2. Merit (n) : good quality, worth, excellence

  3. Merit (v) : deserve

  4. Meritorious (adj.): praiseworthy

  5. Mermaid (n) : an imaginary sea woman with lower part of the body like a fish

  6. Merriment (n) : mirth, gaiety

  7. Merry (adj.) : mirthful, jolly

  8. Mesh (n) : one of the spaces in a wire screen

  9. Mesh (v) : catch in a net, ensnare

  10. Mess (n) : food, disorder, a place where people eat together

  11. Message (n) : a communication sent from one person to another

  12. Messenger (n): one who conveys a message

  13. Messiah (n) : the Saviour, Jesus Christ

  14. Metal (n) : a hard opaque fusible mineral ore

  15. Metallurgy (n) : the art of extracting metals from the ores and working in them

  16. Metamorphose (v) : transform

  17. Metamorphosis (n) : a transformation

  18. Mete (v) : measure out, judge, distribute

  19. Meteor (n) : a shooting star falling from the sky

  20. Meteorology (n) : science of the atmosphere regarding weather climate, etc.,

  21. Meter (n) : an apparatus which measures, a gauge

  22. Methinks (v): it seems to me

  23. Method (n) : way or mode of procedure

  24. Methylated spirit (n) : form of alcohol which quickly turns to vapour used for burning, cleaning, etc.,

  25. Meticulous (adj.) : giving great attention to, careful, timid

  26. Metre (n): a metric unit of length=39.37inches, rhythm

  27. Metropolis (n) : chief city of a country, capital

  28. Mettle (n): spirit, temper, courage

  29. Mew (n) : the cry of a cat, a sea bird

  30. Mew (v) : raise a mew

  31. Miasma (n) : poisonous mist rising form the ground

  32. Mica (n) : transparent mineral substance

  33. Mice (n) : plural of MOUSE

  34. Microbe (n) : a minute germ causing disease

  35. Micrometer (n) : instrument used for measuring small objects

  36. Microphone (n) : a device which changes electrical waves in to sound waves

  37. Microscope (n) : magnifying glass, an optical instrument that makes minute objects clearly visible

  38. Mid (adj.): middle

  39. Midden (n) : a rubbish heap

  40. Middle (adj.): intermediate, equidistant

  41. Middleman (n) : a retail trader, a broker

English Vocabulary for 6th July :

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