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English Vocabulary for 2nd September :

  1. Pupil (n): young person who is learning in school, pupil of the eye

  2. Puppet (n): a doll moved by strings

  3. Puppy (n): a young dog

  4. Purchase (v): buy

  5. Purchase (n): buying, bargain

  6. Pure (adj.): clean and clear, stainless, unmixed with other things

  7. Purgative (n): a purging medicine

  8. Purge (v): make clean or free, evacuate the bowels

  9. Purge (n): medicine used for purging

  10. Purify (v): make pure or clean

  11. Purity (n): cleanliness, chastity

  12. Purl (v): flow with a murmuring sound

  13. Purloin (v): to steal

  14. Purple (n): a colour got by mixture of blue and red

  15. Purport (n): meaning

  16. Purpose (n): object, intention, aim

  17. Purposeful (adj.): intentional, important

  18. Purposely (adv.): wantonly

  19. Purse (n): a small money bag

  20. Pursue (v): chase, to seek

  21. Pursuit (v): act of chasing, one’s occupation

  22. Purvey (v): supply provisions for, provide

  23. Purview (n): range or activity

  24. Pus (n): the bad white matter produced in sores or wounds

  25. Push (v): press forward, urge, impel, make an effort

  26. Push (n): the act of pushing

  27. Pusillanimous (adj.): mean spirited, lacking courage, timid

  28. Pustule (n): a small pimple

  29. Putrefaction (n): rottenness, corruption

  30. Putrefy (v): decompose, corrupt

  31. Putrid (adj.): rotten, stinking

  32. Putt (v): to send a ball forward

  33. Puzzle (v): cause to perplex

  34. Puzzle (n): difficult problem, a riddle

  35. Pygmy (n): dwarf

  36. Pigmy (n): dwarf

  37. Pyjamas (n): loose undergarment; loose trousers and jacket

  38. Pajamas (n): loose undergarment; loose trousers and jacket

  39. Pyorrhoea (n): a disease (affecting the teeth) in which pus is formed in the gums

  40. Pyramid (n): a solid with a square base and triangular sides meeting in an apex

  41. Pyre (n): funeral pile, a pile of fuel on which a dead body is burnt

  42. Pyrotechnics (n): fire works

  43. Python (n): a kind of huge non-poisonous serpent that crushes its prey to death

  44. Pyx (n): box

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