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English Vocabulary Test for 31st August :

  1. Provided (conj): on condition that

  2. Providence (n): god, care of god, foresight, thrift

  3. Providential (adj.): fortunate, coming as if from God

  4. Province (n): a division of a country, jurisdiction

  5. Provincial (adj.): relating to the province

  6. Provision (n): something prepared as against future need, nutriment, stock, a given condition

  7. Provision (pl.): articles of food

  8. Provisional (adj.): for the time being, temporary

  9. Proviso (n): condition

  10. Provocation (n): something that stirs anger, the act of provoking

  11. Provoke (v): make angry, to irritate, excite or arouse

  12. Provost (n): the dignitary of a cathedral, mayor

  13. Prow (n): the front part of a ship or boat

  14. Prowess (n): valour, courage

  15. Prowl (v): wander about stealthily, (for food)

  16. Proximity (n): the state of being near or next

  17. Proximo (adv.): in the next month

  18. Proxy (n): substitute, authority to act for another, document giving such authority

  19. Prude (n): one who is too modest and delicate in behaviour

  20. Prudence (n): practical wisdom, caution, careful, fore-thought

  21. Prudent (adj.): careful, cautious

  22. Prune (n): a kind of dried palm

  23. Prune (v): to trim or cut off the superfluous branches of plants

  24. Psalm (n): a sacred song

  25. Psalter (n): the book of psalms

  26. Pseudonym (n) : a false or assumed name

  27. Pshaw (inter): exclamation to indicate contempt and impatience

  28. Psychic (adj.): pertaining to the mind or soul or spirit

  29. Psychology (n): the science of the mind

  30. Puberty (n): sexual maturity

  31. Public (n): the people as a whole

  32. Public (adj.): of or for all the people, open

  33. Publication (n): making known to the public, bringing out newspaper, book, etc.

  34. Public house (n): an inn, tavern

  35. Publicity (n): the state of being noticed by the people, advertisement

  36. Publish (v): announce, make known to all, proclaim

  37. Publisher (n): one who publishers

  38. Pucker (v): draw together into wrinkles

  39. Pucker (n): a wrinkle or group of wrinkles

English Vocabulary Test for 31st August :

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