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English Vocabulary Words 15th August :

  1. Phonetics (n) : study and science of speech sounds, their production

  2. Phonograph (n) : an instrument for recording, reproducing sounds

  3. Phosphorus (n) : a yellowish or red non-metallic substance, luminous in the dark and inflammable

  4. Photograph (n) : picture, recorded by means of the chemical action of light on a specially prepared surface of a paper

  5. Phrase (n) : a group of words which go together as part of sentence without a predicate

  6. Phthisis (n) : a kind of disease

  7. Physic (n) : medicine, a purgative, the art of healing

  8. Physical (adj.) : of material thing relating to the body of the laws of nature, external

  9. Physician (n) : a doctor of medicine

  10. Physics (n) : the science of the forces of nature (as heal, light, electricity, sound & c) which are at work in inanimate nature

  11. Physiognomy (n) : the expression on one’s face

  12. Physiology (n) : the science of the normal functions of living things

  13. Physique (n) : bodily structure, physical development

  14. Piano (n) : a musical instrument

  15. Piazza (n) : public square, a veranda

  16. Pick (v) : pluck, gather, select, choose

  17. Pick (n) : small sharp pointed instrument, a chosen few

  18. Pick-axe (n) : a long handled tool

  19. Pickle (n) : salt water, vinegar, etc., for keeping meat, vegetables, etc, in good condition, eatables so preserved

  20. Pickle (v) : preserve

  21. Pickpocket (n) : one who robs another person’s pockets

  22. Picnic (n) : an excursion party that takes meal out of home

  23. Picnic (v) : go on a picnic

  24. Picture (n) : painting, graphic description

  25. Picture (v) : paint, describe, imagine

  26. Picturesque (adj.) : pleasing to the eye, vivid and colourful

  27. Piebaid (adj.) : spotted

  28. Piece (n) : a bit, fragment, part of anything

  29. Piece goods (n) : goods sold usually by pieces

  30. Piecemeal (adv.) : bit by bit, part at a time

  31. Piece-work (n) : work carrying proportionate wages

  32. Pied (adj.) : of mixed colours

  33. Pier (n) : structure of wood, iron etc, built out into the sea as a landing stage; the solid support under the arches, a bridge

  34. Pierce (v) : thrust, bore, penetrate

  35. Pierrot (n) : a buffoon sporting a white fluffy face and loose long sleeved garb

  36. Piety (n) : godliness, dutifulness, patriotism

  37. Pig (n) : swine, a bar of cast metal like iron, lead & copper

  38. Pigeon (n) : a young dove, any bird of the dove family

English Vocabulary Words 15th August :

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