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English Words Dictionary for 14th March :

  1. Dentist (n) : a dental surgeon

  2. Denude (v) : to lay bare, take away covering

  3. Denunciation (n) : accusation of crime before a public prosecutor

  4. Deny (v) : refuse, to say that something is not true

  5. Deodorize (n) : to remove the smell from

  6. Depart (v) : leave, turn aside

  7. Departed (adj.) : dead, late, bygone

  8. Departed (n) : the dead

  9. Department (n) : division, section, branch

  10. Departure (n) : death, act of going away

  11. Depend (v) : to rely on, put trust in

  12. Dependable (adj.) : reliable

  13. Dependant (n) : one who depends upon others

  14. Dependent (adj.) : having need for help

  15. Depict (v) : explain in the form of picture, describe

  16. Deplete (v) : to empty, drain out, make smaller in amount

  17. Deplore (v) : to feel or show regret for

  18. Deploy (v) : post of different places, spread out(troops) so as to form a line

  19. Depopulate (v) : to reduce the number of people living in a country

  20. Deport (v) : carry away, transport, exile, to behave

  21. Deportation (n) : sending a person out of the country

  22. Deportment (n) : behaviour

  23. Depose (v) : to remove from a high position

  24. Deposit (n) : money deposited in a bank account, mater which settles down

  25. Deposit (v) : lay put for safe keeping

  26. Deposition (n) : declaration, removal from power

  27. Depot (n) : place where supplies are stored, a ware house

  28. Deprave (v) : to make bad; corrupt morale

  29. Depravity (n) : the state of being depraved

  30. Deprecate (n) : disapprove, to speak against

  31. Depreciate (n) : to fall in value

  32. Depreciate (n) : depreciation

  33. Depredation (n) : robbery, destruction of property

  34. Depress (v) : sink, lower, deject, sadden

  35. Depression (n) : shallow cavity, laziness, low spirits, dullness

  36. Deprivation (n) : the act of taking away from, hardship

  37. Deprive (v) : take away from, dispossess

  38. Depth (n) : deepness, distance below the surface

  39. Deputation (n) : the persons chosen to represent others, act of deputing

  40. Depute (v) : appoint as a substitute or in place of another

  41. Depute (adj.) : deputed

English Words Dictionary for 14th March :

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