Environment :

It's easy to have an environmentally healthy lifestyle. You just have to look at the things you do and ask yourself whether there's any better way. We've given you a big head start with this list.

Do not use paper towels, paper napkins and facial tissues made from virgin fibres and bleached with chlorine.

Use cloth towels, cloth napkins and handkerchiefs.

Do not buy plastic or foam cups and plates when you have guests or go on a picnic.

Buy a cheap set of washable dishes and silverware.

Do not buy a paper cup of coffee on your way to work every day.

Make coffee at work and drink it from a washable mug.

Do not use plastic utensils or bamboo chopsticks just once and then throw them away.

Use washable utensils when you eat fast food.

Do not eat meat. Raising animals for meat requires a much larger amount of resources than growing vegetables.

Become a vegetarian.

Do not let the supermarket pack your groceries in a paper bag nested in a plastic bag.

Bring your own cloth-bags to the supermarket. They hold more and are easier to carry anyway. You can use these bags at drugstores, etc., as well. Many stores give a discount for this.

Do not drive everywhere.

Walk when going short distances. Take public transit whenever possible.

Do not waste electricity by running your air conditioner all summer.

Open windows and use fans. Wear cool clothing and drink plenty of water.

Do not use just one side of the page for printing or photocopying.

Use both sides of a paper for printing. You'll use half as much paper with no extra work!

Do not dry-clean clothing unnecessarily.

Hand-wash any clothing that can take it.

Do not use chemical fertilizers on your garden or lawn.

Fertilize your plants with household compost.