Envy and Jealousy

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What is the difference in meaning between
Envy and Jealousy?

By Mr. Salim : Coimbatore - India

There is a difference in meaning between these two terms.

Have you come across this famous advertisement slogan for Onida TV?

Owner's Pride and Neighbour’s Envy.

This slogan clearly gives the meaning of the word
envy. If someone you know has an Onida TV and you don't have one, you are envious of it.

• I'm envious of my classmate's BMW car. (I don't have a BMW car)

• Claire is envious of her cousin's beauty. (Claire is not so beautiful as her cousin)

Jealousy involves wanting to hold on to what you do have.

• The woman was overcome with jealousy when she saw her husband talking to his secretary.

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