Evil Has an Evil End.

Evil Has an Evil End. :

Once, there was a poor and old hermit. The villagers used to give him alms everyday. The hermit had the habit of sharing his food with the beggars or needy people.

Once he reached an old woman's house. She was a cruel woman and a miser. On asking for alms, she gave some leftover food to the hermit. The next day the hermit went to her house for food once again. She gave it with a heavy heart. On seeing the hermit on the third day the old woman got irritated. She mixed poison in rice and gave it to him.

The hermit reached his hut and was about to eat. Just then a young man came and said, "I am hungry. Can you feed me something?"

The hermit gave all the rice to him. The young man ate the poisoned rice and to the hermit's surprise he died instantly. The young man was the old woman's son and had returned after a long journey of many days.

So the evil woman's plan resulted in loss of her only son.

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