Exam Tips

Exam Tips :

Before Exams :

  1. Leave all you fear and free your mind. Confidence powers you to gain victory.

  2. Prepare a time-table. Allot more time to tough subjects and less time to easier subjects. Sufficient time between subjects should be allotted.

  3. Study in the early morning. Choose a place where you can feel relaxed and can concentrate, be free from surroundings disturbances. Study facing east or north east to get more positive energy.

  4. Do not study on bed or lying on a chair. Sit while studying with your spinal chord straight.

  5. Take small notes on formula, figures and other important points in brief. It will be very useful. You can use these notes for brief revision of your books in less time than skipping throughout your book-pages.

  6. Sleep well. Especially on the night before the exam, you have to sleep well for a minimum of 6 hours. This will have a great effect on your exams.

  7. Eat as you eat daily. Avoid potato and tapioca with chilly, fried items which contain fatty-acids. Instead have more milk, curd, honey, chocolates with cocoa. Do not do fasting.

Before Answering Questions :

  1. Once you get the question paper, read the instructions at the top of it.

  2. Be clear with the number of questions to be answered, marks for each question in various sections and time allotted.

  3. Be clear with which question you want to go answering and concentrate on it.

  4. You should be clean on understanding the way in which the question is raised.

  5. Plan your time with each question / answer considering the marks for it.

  6. Be sure that you end up answering earlier than allotted.

  7. Be clear with which question you want to go first.

  8. Believe in God. Believe in YOU. The last but not the least is to say that pray well before your exam set your mind free at least 5 minutes before exam. Prayer can give immense energy and peace to your mind that will definitely do good to you. And that is much important that you are confident about what you can and will always produce pleasant results.

While Answering :

  1. Teachers may not be able to read all you have written. They scan for points. Present the answer in points and in precise form. Do not forget to underline the very important points in essay.

  2. Hand-writing is very important. Try to write neatly. Present your answer in good manner so that you can score more marks.

  3. Answer the questions you know very well first. This will create the very impression on the evaluator as the FIRST IMPRESSION is THE BEST IMPRESSION, though you could not write well few last questions. This will see to it that those last not-well-answered questions will not reduce your marks.

  4. All questions should be attended in allotted time.

  5. Please note that full marks are allotted to the out-of-syllabus questions, if you were attended them.

  6. Do not get disappointed, if the question paper is tough. In this case you have to keep it in mind that it is same to all. Try to answer all the questions with your best and conscience.

  7. Try to answering the questions at least 10 minutes before the dead-time. Attach all additional papers properly and check the answer paper thoroughly to ensure that all questions are answered.

  8. If you find any points missing in the answers given, add the points accordingly.

  9. Do not indulge in any malpractice. If you do not know the answer for any particular question, try your level best. Still you could not guess, leave it. Do not do any malpractice. This will affect your marks as well as your future.

After Exams :

  1. Once you finish your exam and you are out of the examination hall, do not think about the written paper any longer. Now you have to get ready for the next exam. Do not discuss about the finished paper with anyone especially with your friends. Because that will affect your confidence level.

Tips for Parents :

  1. Often visit your child’s school and get in touch with his / her teachers.

  2. Speak openly to your child so that he / she feels that he / she is safe to share any of his / her problems with you in the future. This will maintain a good understanding relation between you and your child.

  3. Do not blame your child if he / she gets low marks. In stead, give them feeling that you will be always with him / her and give them confidence that in the next exam, he / she will score more marks. This will increase their confidence.

  4. Sit with your child and help him / her in their studies whenever you get time.

  5. Speak with him / her and try to make him / her aware that you are caring about him / her studies.

  6. Allow him / her also to play. If possible make him / her participate in few extra-curricular activities.

  7. This will have a long term effect in your child’s personality development. Remember that a sound mind in sound body is the best combination for the best academic results. SO, allow him / her to play well.

  8. Be careful about the food items you give him / her. Avoid fried items. Give them curd, milk, honey and chocolate with cocoa. Show cares in his / her sleep. Allow him / her to sleep at least 6 hours a day.

  9. While he / she is going to exam, wish them and send him / her happily. Do not make them unhappy on the exam day.
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