Failure of Cruel Wolf

Failure of Cruel Wolf :

Once, a very fierce and cruel wolf lived in a forest. One year, there was a severe drought all over the country. There were no rains. So streams and rivers had dried up. There were no grains or fruits growing anywhere. Many animals died due to hunger and thirst. Lack of animals made the wolf very hungry. He soon became so thin that he looked like an ill animal.

One day, the wolf strayed into a meadow stealthily. The shepherd had left his flock of sheep unattended. He had left some buckets of water for them to drink. The wolf spotted the sheep and thought, "Oh, I am so lucky. Here are many fat sheep. I'll eat them and drink all the water too."

He said aloud, "Friends, I am very thirsty. I cannot move at all. Can one of you bring some water here to me?"

But the cautious sheep replied, "We are not fools. We are sorry for your state of health but we won't come to you to become your lunch."

So the cruel wolfs plan failed due to the alert sheep.

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