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( Adjective & Noun )

Pronunciation : fa-náttik


1. a holder of extreme or irrational enthusiasms or beliefs, especially in religion or politics

2. somebody who is very enthusiastic about a pastime or hobby

3. holding especially political views that deviate drastically and fundamentally from conventional or traditional beliefs

4. overly enthusiastic or devoted to an ideal


Latin fānāticus, inspired by orgiastic rites, pertaining to a temple, from fānum, temple


activist, addict, bigot, bug, crank, crazy, demon, devotee, enthusiast, extremist, fiend, fool, freak, maniac, militant, monomaniac, nut, radical, ultraist, visionary, zealot, overenthusiast


naysayer, unbeliever

Contextual Examples:

• If you pick a truth and follow it blindly. It becomes a falsehood, and you a fanatic.

• Strickland had the directness of the fanatic and the ferocity of the apostle.

• Then the miserable fanatic must be found who will serve as an instrument of God's justice.

• A fanatic like Cornelius might very easily have found another fanatic who would give a hundred guilders for his remains.

Related Words:

fanaticism : Noun

fanatical : Adjective

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