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Someone who missed out on an opportunity for success.


He had a chance to buy Microsoft stock at 50 cents a share in 1980. He's been the
fifth beatle his whole life.


The original
Fifth Beatle was Brian Epstein (1934-67), the manager of the Beatles, so dubbed, much to his annoyance, by Murray the K, an American disc jockey, in 1964.

More fitting of the title is Pete Best, an original member of the band who was replaced by Ringo Starr shortly before the band's arrival in the US. The Beatles of course went on to be fabulously successful, and Pete Best a footnote in history.

Some think Pete Best was pretty badly treated as he was dumped from the group. The Beatles and their publishers hid this fact as they managed their press like no previous musical group in history. He was apparently very talented.

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