Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds.

Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds. :

We usually call a bird beautiful if its plumage is attractive. Some birds have highly coloured and attractive plumage. Parrots are beautiful with their greenish body and red beaks. Blue lark looks extremely beautiful with its blue feathers. These birds look attractive because of their external appearance. They offer pleasure to our eyes with their appearance. Similarly, a person may be more impressive if he wears fine clothes. Actually he may not be a cleaver or impressive person. But his clothes deceive us. At first sight, he stamps an impression on us and this impression may influence us in our dealings with him also. To impress interviewers, a candidate should be smartly dressed. If a person with enough merit dresses himself smartly, he will be able to impress others much more easily than otherwise. And this impression will also be lasting. Therefore it is always prudent to dress ourselves smartly on important occasions. This doesn’t mean that we should be overdressed. But smart appearance always makes the best impression.

Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds.