Fling Dirt Enough And Some Will Stick.

Fling Dirt Enough And Some Will Stick. :

If we keep on flinging dirt at something, it will get dirty soon although we may not be able to do so the very first time. Similarly, if we tell false things about a person, soon others will also start to believe. They may not believe it the first time. But human nature is such the talking bad about a person creates an impression that he is so, although he might be innocent. Just like dirt, the lies will start to stick on to his image although the first few times it will fall off. Some people if they don’t like a person, start telling false stories about him. They go on with this until they create a bad impression in the minds of others. Thus an innocent person’s reputation can be tarnished. Even if the person has a good character, very soon it will be spoiled. People get the impression that he is really just the opposite of what they believed him to be.

Fling Dirt Enough And Some Will Stick.