For A Rupee

For A Rupee :

One day Golu was passing through a forest at night. As he was walking, a gang of dacoits surrounded him. They had knives and daggers in their hands. They stood around him and then their leader shouted at Golu, "Hand over whatever you have, money, jewellery, everything."

But Golu replied fearlessly, "I won't give you a single rupee. Do what you wish to."

The leader took out a pistol and aimed it at Golu, "You won't listen, will you?"

But strong Golu resisted them. He fought bravely but he was no match to them.

So the dacoits tied him by a rope.

Then they started to search his clothes. They got only a one rupee coin in his pocket and nothing else. Their leader said, "This young man fought and resisted so much just for a single rupee. Wonder what will he do to protect a larger amount! Now remember never to try and loot him if you see him, anywhere in future."

So they freed Golu and let him go.

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