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Fill in the blanks with suitable foreign words choosing from those given in brackets.

[sans, buffet, menu, chief, bid adieu, bonafide, en route, sine die, alpha and omega, per capital, curry, pseudonym, alma matter, etcetera, cuisine]

  1. We have arranged a party to chief to a friend who was going abroad.

  2. T avoid wastage we arranged for a buffet lunch.

  3. The menu was displaced so that people could whatever they like.

  4. We selected that particular hotel because it’s bid deiu was famous for his cooking.

  5. But some items turned to be sans taste.

  6. The college is closed sine die.

  7. India’s per capital income is low.

  8. He went to Chennai en route Trichy.

  9. Show me your bonafide credentials.

  10. God is alpha and omega.

  11. In the hotel where I stayed, the rooms were comfortable and the cuisine excellent.

  12. They serve chappathis and curry for supper.

  13. Kanaga Subburathinam wrote under the alma matter Bharathidasan.

  14. I visit my pseudonym every year and meet my teachers.

  15. I visit the play ground, class rooms, lab and etcetera to recollect the experience of my school days.

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