Fortune Favors The Bold.

Fortune Favors The Bold. :

Fortune or prosperity is something that always favors the bold. Although fortune is said to be blind, with no distinction between the good and the bad, the wise and the foolish and the brave and the cowardly, fortune mainly favors those who are bold enough to take up some venture. In horse races fortune favors only those who are willing to stake their money. Those who do not state their money remain outside. Similarly luck falls mostly on those people who seek it out. Fortune comes not to those who rarely seek it. Only an ardent wisher of fortune can have it. If we just sit and wish for luck, it will not happen. Only if we try something worthwhile which needs luck, shall we have fortune. Fortune in the broad sense is not mere money. It can be prosperity, success, fame or anything. There are many situations in life that need luck. We should keep up hope that something lucky will happen in times to peril and distress. If we lose heart, we are unknowingly blocking fortune out. Only bold people can have access to fortune.

Fortune Favors The Bold.