Four Activity Ideas to use in Your English Class

Four Activity Ideas to use in Your English Class :

Teaching English can be challenging at times. You want to create a varied class that includes the use of fun activities to help your students memorize and use important words. Here is a list of four different types of activities which you can incorporate into your English language lessons.

1. Crossword Puzzles

Crosswords are puzzles that ask questions to which the corresponding answers are written down in a grid. As the puzzle progresses students will have letter clues making it easier to complete. You can either use ready made crosswords that are available in magazines or English language teaching manuals or you can create your own. There is software available online to enable you to easily design and print your own personal crosswords. You may want to assign a theme to your crossword puzzle, such as types of animals, leisure activities or colours. If you are teaching a mixed level class it is best to divide your class into groups, so they can work on the crossword together and nobody feels left out.

2. Folktales

Folktales, also known as fairy tales, are fun short stories that often feature fantasy characters such as goblins, giants, mermaids and gnomes. This makes them fun and memorable and particularly suitable for teaching English to young children, although they can also be used for adults. A great place to look for fairy tales is in the children’s section of your local library. There are also plenty of free resources available online. If you are worried that a fairy tale will be too advanced for the class you are teaching you could also rewrite parts of the story yourself to make it easier to understand.

3. Describe and Draw

Some people learn better through hearing, some through reading and others through visual stimuli. You should always try and incorporate a variety of teaching methods into your class so that everyone is catered for. A great idea is to set some homework for your students and ask them to each bring in a couple of photographs from home into the next class. You can then place your students in pairs and ask one person to describe the photos they are looking at while the other partner draws it. This often has some very funny results while teaching your students to speak and describe things in the English language.

4. Wikipedia

A great new activity to try is the Wikipedia challenge. This is suitable for advanced learners and requires that you have access to a computer and a good Internet connection. The idea of the activity is for your students to predict what the first few sentences of the Wikipedia page that describes their hometown will be. You can then check the Wikipedia page to see how accurate they were. You can further this activity by then asking your students to write about their hometown as if it were for Wikipedia. Ask them to consider the types of facts and statistics they would use and get them to try and mimic the style Wikipedia is written in.

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Four Activity Ideas to use in Your English Class