Framing Questions

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Framing Questions :

    Beginning with Verbs (affirmative)

  1. Yes, I met my brother yesterday.
    Did you meet your brother yesterday?

  2. Yes, I plan a building.
    Do you plan a building?

    Beginning with Verbs (Negative)

  3. No, I do not like tea.
    Do you like tea?

  4. No, I have no jewels.
    Do you have jewels?

  5. No, I have not arranged any meeting.
    Have you arranged any meeting?

    Question words : (What, when, where, how, why)

  6. I won the match yesterday.
    When did you win the match?

  7. He is playing in the garden.
    Where is he playing?

  8. He came to the office late because there was an accident.
    Why did he come to the office late?

  9. My father is a lawyer.
    What is your father?

  10. I am sixteen years old.
    How old are you?

    Use of How :

  11. He played well.
    How did he play?

  12. I am 10 years old.
    How old are you?

  13. I go to school by bus.
    How do you go to school?

  14. There are 5 members in our family.
    How many members are there in your family?

    Answering the questions :

    a). Affirmative Sentence :

  15. Do you like apples?
    Yes, I like apples.

  16. Does he play well?
    Yes, he plays well.

  17. Did you travel by train?
    Yes, I travelled by train.

    b). Negative Sentences:

  18. Have you scored good marks?
    No, I have not scored good marks.

  19. Do you, have geometry box?
    No, I do not have geometry box

    c). Other Sentences :

  20. Did you write the exam well?
    No, I did not write the exam well.

  21. Will he learn French?
    No, he will learn only English.

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