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Free SAT Vocabulary for 24th September :

  1. Ruminant (n): a cud-chewing animal

  2. Ruminate (v): to chew the cud, to be deep in thought

  3. Rumination (n): chewing the cud, meditation

  4. Rummage (n): a thorough search, things found out

  5. Rumour (n): vague gossip

  6. Rumour (v): raise a gossip

  7. Rumple (v): to crease

  8. Run (v): hasten, escape, extend, run after, run at; run in; run into; run on

  9. Runaway (n): a fugitive, one who files away from danger (control & c)

  10. Rune (n): a script used in certain writing

  11. Rung (v): (past participle) of ring

  12. Rung (n): a step in a ladder

  13. Rupee (n): Indian money unit

  14. Rupture (n): breaking a part, bursting, quarrel

  15. Rural (adj.): of the country

  16. Ruse (n): a trick

  17. Rush (v): move forward in a violent manner to go with force

  18. Rush (n): a rapid headlong movement, demand

  19. Rusk (n): dried sweet biscuit, toasted bread

  20. Russet (adj.): reddish, brown

  21. Rust (n): a reddish brown matter formed on iron when exposed to moist air

  22. Rust (v): to become rusty

  23. Rustic (adj.): pertaining to the country simple, rural, unrefined

  24. Rustic (n): country man

  25. Rustle (v): make crackling sound

  26. Rustle (n): a quick succession of small sounds as that of dry leaves

  27. Rut (n): a wheel-track, a habitual path

  28. Ruth (n): pity

  29. Ruthless (adj.): pitiless

  30. Rye (n): gram used for making flour and as a food for cattle, a kind of drink

  31. Ryot (n): a peasant, a farmer

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