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Free Vocabulary Builder for 23rd May :

  1. I (prop) : subjective case of first person

  2. Ibex (n) : a mountain goat with large curved horns

  3. Ibis (n) : a wading bird

  4. Ice (n) : frozen water made solid by cold

  5. Ice (v) : cool with ice

  6. Iceberg (n) : large mass of ice floating in the sea

  7. Ichneumon (n) :weasel like carnivore, noted for eating eggs of snakes or of crocodiles

  8. Ichthyosaurus (n) : extinct marine reptile

  9. Icicle (n) : hanging piece of ice

  10. Icon (n) : image

  11. Iconoclasm (n) : the destruction of images

  12. Iconoclast (n) : a breaker of idols

  13. Icy (adj.) : extremely cold, without love

  14. Idea (n) : conception of anything in the mind, a notion, thought

  15. Ideal (n) : satisfying one’s highest idea of what is perfect, that which is highest or best

  16. Identical (adj.) : the very same agreeing in every way

  17. Identity (n) : absolute sameness, who somebody is, what something is

  18. Ideology (n) : system of ideas manner of thinking

  19. Idiocy (n) : stupidity

  20. Idiom (n) : group of words whose meaning must be learnt as a whole, a manner of expression peculiar to a language

  21. Idiot ((n) : a stupid person

  22. Idle (adj.) : doing no work, lazy, useless

  23. Idol (n) : an image worshipped as God, beloved

  24. Idolator (n) : one who worships idols, admirer

  25. Idolatry (n) : the practice of worshipping idols

  26. If (conj.) : on condition that

  27. Igloo (n) : dome-shaped hut made of snow

  28. Igneous (adj.) : pertaining to fire

  29. Ignite (v) : set on fire

  30. Ignoble (adj.) : of low birth, mean, not able

  31. Ignominious (adj.) : disgraceful

  32. Ignominy (n) : shame, the loss of one’s good name

  33. Ignoramus (n) : ignorant person

  34. Ignorance (n) : lack of knowledge, not educated

Free Vocabulary Builder for 23rd May :

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