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Free Vocabulary Software for 15th June :

  1. Kaiser (n) : the title of the (German) emperor

  2. Kala (n) : a kind of cabbage

  3. Kail (n) : a kind of cabbage

  4. Kalaazar (n) : an infectious malarial fever

  5. Kaleidoscope (n) : an instrument showing an endless variety of symmetrical patterns

  6. Kangaroo (n) : an Australian animal with long hind legs and a pouch

  7. Kapok (n) : soft material obtained from the seeds of a tropical tree

  8. Kedge (n) : a small portable anchor

  9. Keel (n) : the lowest timber of a ships frame work

  10. Keen (adj.): desirous, alert, sharp, energetic, pungent

  11. Keep (v) : hold, have in custody, protect

  12. Keeping (n) : care, agreement

  13. Keepsake (n) : remembrance, souvenir

  14. Keg (n) : a small cask

  15. Kelp (n) : a sea-weed used or making iodine etc.,

  16. Ken (v) : know, discern, discover

  17. Ken (n) : knowledge, range of knowledge

  18. Kennel (n) : house for shelter of dogs

  19. Kerb (n) : stone edging to pavement

  20. Kerchief (n) : a cloth for covering the head, a small cloth used for wiping off sweat etc.,

  21. Kernel (n) : seed within a shell, the important part of anything

  22. Kerosene (n) : a kind of oil got as a by product in the process or refining petroleum

  23. Kersey (n) : a coarse woollen cloth

  24. Kestrel (n) : a kind of small hawk

  25. Ketchup (n) : a flavouring sauce made from mushrooms tomatoes and other vegetables

  26. Kettle (n) : a vessel for heating water, a boiler

  27. Khaki (adj.) : dust coloured

  28. Khan (n) : leader of some Muslim tribes or clans, chief

  29. Kibosh (n) : rubbish, nonsense

  30. Kick (v) : strike with the foot

  31. Kid (n) : child, a young goat, kid leather

  32. Kidnap (v) : steal (and carry off) a human being (esc. A child)

  33. Kidney (n) : a pair of glands for secretion of urine

  34. Kidney (v) : a pair of glands for secretion of urine

  35. Kill (v) : put to death

  36. Kiln (n) : a furnace of burning bricks

  37. Kilogramme (n): unit of weight equal to 1, 000 grams

  38. Kin (n): relatives

  39. Kind (adj.): good, generous, benevolent

  40. Kind (n): race, sort

  41. Kindergarten (n): a nursery school

  42. Kindle (v): set on fire, set fire to, ignite, rouse

  43. Kindly (adv) : in a kind way

  44. Kindred (adj.): related

  45. Kindred (n) : relationship by birth, relatives

  46. Kine (n) : cows

  47. Kine (pl) : cows

Free Vocabulary Software for 15th June :

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