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Free Vocabulary Worksheets for 14th September :

  1. Reminiscence (n): recollection in the mind

  2. Remiss (adj.); negligent, careless

  3. Remission (n); pardon, forgiveness, freeing from debt or tax, mitigation

  4. Remit (v): forgive, give up, resign, send money by post or rail; send back, abate, postpone

  5. Remittance (n): money sent, act of sending money

  6. Remnant (n): small part that remains

  7. Remonstrate (v): protest (against)

  8. Remorse (n): bitter repentance for fault

  9. Remote (adj.): distant, alien, out of the way, slight, faint

  10. Remount (v): to mount again

  11. Removable (adj.): that can be removed

  12. Removal (n): a moving from one place to another

  13. Remove (v): take away, dismiss

  14. Remove (n): distance in between

  15. Remuneration (n): payment, reward

  16. Renaissance (n); revival

  17. Rend (v); rive, split, explode, (past tense) rent

  18. Render (v): give, perform, translation

  19. Rendering (n): a translation

  20. Rendezvous (n): place where people meet often

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