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Freedom of The Press :

Legislature, Judiciary, Executive and Press are the four pillars of a democracy. The Press is considered the fourth estate. Freedom of the press is considered very important. Newspapers, magazines and periodicals come under press. It is the press reporters who gather news and disseminate it to the general public.

The press caters to the varied interests of the people like religion, science, medicine, politics, sports etc. it acts as the principal forum of the people to express their opinion and views on various matters concerning Government and society.

The public referendum, opinion polls reflect the people’s grasp of what happens in the world. They reflect the views of the general public on various matters. It is not too much to say that the press acts as the custodian of people’s interest and law. Therefore the press should enjoy absolute freedom. There should be no political interference. Government agencies should not try to curtail the freedom of the press. In return the press should be impartial and sincere.

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