Frequently Used English Words
for 18th March

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Frequently Used English Words for 18th March :

  1. Diary (n) : a book in which daily happenings are recorded

  2. Diatribe (n) : angry attack in words

  3. Dibble (n) : a short pointed tool used for making holes in the ground

  4. Dice (n) : small cubes used in games

  5. Dicotyledon (n) : a plant with two seed parts

  6. Dictate (v) : order, tell with authority, under word for another to write, instigate

  7. Dictation (n) : act of reading a command

  8. Dictator (n) : absolute ruler despot, commander

  9. Dictatorial (adj.) : all powerful commanding, imperious

  10. Diction (n) : choice of words in writing and speaking manner of exposition

  11. Dictionary (n) : a book containing the words of a language in the alphabetical order along with their meanings

  12. Dictum (n) : a proverb, a wise saying, assertion

  13. Did (v) : past tense of DO

  14. Didactic (adj.) : intended to teach or instruct

  15. Didactics (n) : a science of teaching

  16. Die (v) : cease to, lose life

  17. Die (n) : a small cube used in games, a mould

  18. Diet (n) : the food we eat habitually, kinds of food to which a person is limited

  19. Differ (v) : disagree, be unlike

  20. Difference (n) : unlikeness, distinction, controversy, quarrel

  21. Different (adj.) : unlike, not the same, separate

  22. Differential (adj.) : varying, partial, showing a difference, special

  23. Differentiate (v) : make different, discriminate

  24. Difficult (adj.) : hard, arduous

  25. Difficulty (n) : perplexity, hardness, obstacle, trouble

  26. Difference (n) : lack of self-confidence district, shyness

  27. Different (adj.) : wanting in self-confidence

  28. Diffuse (v) : scatter , spread, mix slowly

  29. Diffuse (adj.) : scattered spread, widely

  30. Dig (v) : break up and move the earth

  31. Digest (v) : change the food into liquid in the stomach

  32. Digest (n) : summary

  33. Digestible (adj.) : that can be easily digested

  34. Digestion (v) : an arrangement, distribution, assimilation

  35. Digestive (adj.) : pertaining to digestion

  36. Dight (v) : put in order, array

  37. Digit (n) : a number, numeral under ten, finger or toe, a finger’s breadth

  38. Dignity (n) : high worth or rank, honour, nobility

  39. Digress (v) : deviate from the point in speaking or writing, wander

  40. Dike (n) : ditch, dyke

  41. Dyke (n) : a high wall of earth to keep back the water from the sea or river

Frequently Used English Words for 18th March :

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