Frequently Used Sentences in English : Day - 31

Where do you keep your books?
I keep my books here.

Where do you buy your dresses?
I buy my dresses in T.Nagar.

Where do you wait for him?
I wait for him at the station.

Where do you look for him?
We look for him at the library.

Where do you have your bank account?
I have my bank account in Trichy.

Where do they want you to come?
They want me to come to Madurai.

Where do I ask Sita to wait?
You ask Sita to wait in her office.

Where do I come from?
You come from Ooty.

Where do you come from?
We come from Salem.

Where do they send this parcel to?
They send this parcel to Kanyakumari.

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