Frequently Used Sentences in English : Day - 41

Does he act well?

Does he add wealth?

Did she ask me?

Do I adopt a child?

Is computer an advanced Technology?

Does he advantage a lot?

Do they advertise a lot?

Does the govt. allot houses?

Did the H.M announce the holiday?

Did she appeal?

Does the sun appear?

Was I appointed?

Does he approve the idea?

Does the boy arise?

Did he arrange a function?

Did the police arrest him?

Did he attempt?

Does he attend the function?

Do you avoid me?

Did I get clarity in my doubt?

Did he combine the sentences?

Will you meet me?

Does he complain?

Did he award him?

Did I bargain with the Vendor?

Does the dog bark?

Does he bathe in hot water?

Does he beat me?

Does he befit always?

Does she behold me?

Does she bind the grains?

Does the dog bite?

Does the bomb blast?

Does the water boil?

Did he borrow a pen?

Did he servant bow?

Does the enemy bowl him?

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