Fruits of Labour

Fruits of Labour :

Once, a group of fishermen went out to sea. Their leader was an old, intelligent and wise fisherman. He always guided them well.

At sea the fishermen spread their large net in water. When they pulled out the net, it was empty. This happened about two or three times and the fishermen lost heart, but their leader advised them to keep trying.

Once again, the fishermen threw in the net. It felt heavy when they pulled it out. But some small fish, logs from wreckage and seaweeds were all that it had. They were about to sink the net back into water but the old fisherman said, "Pull out the net and empty it in the boat. Throw the empty net and try once again."

When the fishermen emptied the net in the boat, they found a box in it. It had gold coins and gems in it. The leader divided it equally among all the fishermen and everyone went home happily. It is truly said that one must not leave any work unfinished if one wants to enjoy the fruits of labour.

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