Functions of Phrase Prepositions

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Functions of Phrase Prepositions :

A phrase Preposition consists of a preposition followed by a prepositional complement. The complement is usually a noun phrase.

  1. Preposition + a noun phrase :

    As usual, her bright smile greeted me at the breakfast table.

  2. Preposition + a noun-cause :

    She came from what she called a small farm of two hundred acres.

  3. Preposition + an – ing clause :

    Benjamin tried to shake off his fears by looking at the sky.

  4. Preposition + an adverb :

    You can see the station from here.

Functions of Phrase Prepositions :

  1. Phrase Preposition as an adverbial :

    We may need you to do some work in the evening.

    To my surprise the doctor phoned the next morning.

    Finally I went back to my old job.

  2. Phrase Preposition as a modifier in a noun phrase :

    She felt she had no chance of promotion.

    We’ve rented this COTTAGE in the country.

    The NOISE from the sitting-room was deafening.

  3. Phrase Preposition as a verb complement :

    You mustn’t worry too much about this.

  4. Phrase Preposition as a complement of an adjective :

    I’m terribly bad at dates.

    Planners are worried about the noise.

    Would you be interested in writing an article?

    Before lunch is when I do my best work.

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