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GMAT Success Tips has many valuable tips for your success in GMAT.

It is very easy to score high percentile marks in GMAT. Many international students have scored very high marks in GMAT in the scale of 700+ and have secured admission in the top business schools. What you need are a proper plan, the genuine study-materials and focused preparation. Since, your entire future is at stake, you have to see that every-step that you take with regard to GMAT is in right direction and in right time with right spirit.

The net result is bright future of your choice.

Here is a model plan for your preparation of GMAT with a time period of ten weeks. This is only a typical plan.

Depending upon your capabilities and level of motivation, you may charter your own plan.

I have seen many students who allotted a whole year for the preparation of GMAT and scored 700+.

At the same time, there are many students who spend just few weeks and scored the same 700+.

Everything depends upon your present level of knowledge of English and Mathematics.

Take your own time. Plan well in advance.

The GMAT Success Tips are many. But few are suitable to all.

1.You have to take care of your physical health and mental health at the time of sitting for actual GMAT.

2.Through preparation

3. Pay attention to all the sctions of GMAT.

4.Take as many as mock tests.

5.Register well in advance to have extra time.

6. Take GMAT at your own pace.

You charter your own GMAT Success Tips suitable to your conditions and mental make-up.

Score high in GMAT. Soar high in LIFE.

Wish you all the best.

Week 1

Go through the literature on GMAT, specifically a description of the GMAT test. If you like, take a mock test to see where you stand.

Week 2

Use this site and brush up on your grammar. The GMAT English focuses on grammar, not vocabulary.Or find any othe book on grammar.You charter your own GMAT Success Tips suitable to your conditions and mental make-up.

Week 3

Go through the Mathematical Section of GMAT and try to brush up your math concepts.

Week 4

Start practising math problems topic by topic. Identify the areas where you need more practice.

Week 5

Now that you have revised your grammar, start with the sentence correction section of the verbal portion of the test. Practise from the genuine material.

Week 6

Progress to the critical reasoning section of GMAT.

Week 7

Dedicate this entire week to the reading comprehension and the essay writing component of the test. Use the essay topics from this site.

Week 8

Practise mixed math problems from all topics. If you need more help, consider getting school textbooks and practice from there as well.

Week 9

You are now ready to practice an entire GMAT test at one stretch. Make sure there are no distractions around you. Time yourself. Try and finish one test per day. Use the paper tests from the ETS official guide, but avoid repeating the tests.

Week 10

Practise the Computer Adaptive Tests. Before you register for actual GMAT, take as many GMAT-CAT tests (one per day) as possible to ensure that you will score 700+ in the actual GMAT. Never leave a chance to score high in GMAT. You will now have the confidence to take the GMAT exam at the testing centre.

You charter your own GMAT Success Tips suitable to your conditions and mental make-up.

You have to be careful in every move to ensure that you score high marks in GMAT. If you take GMAT more than once, not only your second score, but also your first score will be reported to the Business Schools to which you want your score to be sent. Many Business Schools take only the average of the two scores. In case, one of your scores is low, the average score also may become low. That may affect your chance of getting admission.

So, It becomes inevitable for you to ensure that you have prepared very well to the level of scoring high in GMAT. Those who have scored 700+ in GMAT have taken their own time to complete the preparation and to score 700+.

You charter your own GMAT Success Tips suitable to your conditions and mental make-up.

Wish you all the best.

Score high in GMAT. Soar high in LIFE.

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