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GRE Vocabulary Lists for 1st September :

  1. Pudding (n): soft food made of flour, soft food cooked in steam

  2. Puddle (n): a small dirty pool of rain water, a mixture of wet clay and sand

  3. Puerile (adj.): childish, silly

  4. Puff (n): a short sending out of air, smoke, a soft with which powder is applies to the face

  5. Puffin (n): a water-bird

  6. Pugh (inter): expression of contempt

  7. Pugilist (n): a boxer

  8. Pugnacious (adj.): fond of fighting

  9. Pugnacious (n): pugnacity

  10. Pull (n): a tug

  11. Pull (v): draw towards

  12. Pullet (n): a young hen

  13. Pulley (n): a wheel turning about an axis, fixed to a block or frame

  14. Pulmonary (adj.): relating to the lungs

  15. Pulp (n): the juicy part of the fruit, a soft wet mass

  16. Pulpit (n): a platform for speaking from

  17. Pulsate (v): be or become active

  18. Pulsation (n): single beat or throb, heart-beat

  19. Pulse (n): any beating or throbbing like that of the heart, grain or seed of beans, peas etc.

  20. Pulverize (v): reduce to powder

  21. Pulverise (v): reduce to powder

  22. Pummel (v): to beat with fist

  23. Pump (n): a device for forcing out liquid, air, etc. from a vessel

  24. Pump (v): pump out, exhaust, fill with air

  25. Pumpkin (n): a large yellow fruit

  26. Pun (n): play on words of similar sound, using a word in different meanings

  27. Punch (n): a tool for cutting holes, a kind of drink

  28. Punch (v): make a hole, strike hard with the fist

  29. Punctual (adj.): prompt, exact

  30. Punctuality (n): quality of being prompt

  31. Punctuate (v): mark pauses, interrupt speech with exclamation, etc.

  32. Punctuation (n): marking with full stops, commas etc.

  33. Puncture (n): a small hole

  34. Puncture (v): prick

  35. Pungent (adj.): sharp, acid, biting

  36. Punish (v): bring pain or unpleasantness to a person for a crime or fault

  37. Punishable (v): liable to be punishment

  38. Punishment (n): chastisement, correction, vengeance

  39. Punitive (adj.): pertaining to punishment

  40. Punt (n): a flat-bottomed boat rowed with a pole, bet

  41. Punt (v): bet heavily on

  42. Puny (adj.): small, weak, young

  43. Pup (n): a young dog

  44. Pupa (n) : insect in the third stage of development when it is inactive inside a case of cocoon

GRE Vocabulary Lists for 1st September :

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