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GRE Vocabulary Words for 25th September :

  1. Sabbath (n): a holy day, a day of rest

  2. Saber (n): a broad bladed species

  3. Sabre (n): a broad bladed species

  4. Sable (n): an animal of the weasel species

  5. Sabot (n): a wooden shoe

  6. Sabotage (n): deliberate destruction of machinery, etc.

  7. Sac (n): a bag, pouch

  8. Saccharin (n): a very sweet sub-stance

  9. Sachet (n): a bag of perfume

  10. Sack (n): a coarse bag, a loose garment, a Spanish wine

  11. Sack (v): to attack and plunder

  12. Sackbut (n): a wind instrument

  13. Sackcloth (n): a coarse cloth

  14. Sacrament (n): the Eucharist

  15. Sacred (adj.): holy, treated with respect

  16. Sacrifice (n): the offering of something precious to god

  17. Sacrilege (n): violation of sacred things, misuse of a holy thing or place

  18. Sacristan (n): an official who has the care of the sacred things of the church

  19. Sad (adj.): sorrowful, calamitous

  20. Saddle (n): a seat for a rider on horse, bicycle, etc

  21. Saddle (v): equip with a saddle, burden

  22. Safari (n): a hunting journey

  23. Safe (adj.): protected from danger

  24. Safe (n): a strong box, a money chest

  25. Safeguard (v): protect

  26. Safeguard (n): protection

  27. Safety (n): freedom from danger

  28. Saffron (n): a crocus yielding yellow dye

  29. Sag (v): sink in the middle due to weight and want of support

  30. Sag (n): a bend

  31. Sagacious (adj.): shrewd, of ready perception

  32. Sagacity (n): sound judgement, practical wisdom

  33. Sage (n): a wise man, a venerable person

  34. Sage (adj.): very wise

  35. Sago (n): a white starchy substance, used as food

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