Gain or Loss

Gain or Loss :

It was summer and there were many instances of power failures. Ramesh wanted to be prepared for this, so he went to a shop. He bought two candles. Each of them cost two rupees. When he gave a ten rupee note, the shopkeeper returned six rupees. There was a five rupee coin and two fifty paisa coins.

At home, there was no light. So Ramesh lit the candle but by chance he dropped a fifty paisa coin in the dark. He looked around but could not find the coin. Slowly the candle burnt to half but Ramesh was still busy looking for the coin. Gradually the candle was burnt out. So Ramesh lit the second candle too and kept looking for the coin. A few minutes later, the second candle was also burnt out and luckily Ramesh recovered the coin.

But to gain the fifty paisa Ramesh had burnt out candles worth four rupees. He wondered if he had gained a coin or lost some money.

We must be careful to take decisions which do not cause us loss in anyway.

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